Massive Video Game fanatic! I enjoy playing a massive range of games, with my favourite games including: Persona 4/P4 Golden + Persona 5/P5 Royal, Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4, The Uncharted Series, Batman Arkham Series (including Origins) and most sports games. I also enjoy the occasional FPS, which I always seem to suck at….. I love all things Star Wars (except episode 8), having owned multiple lightsabers (Both collectibles and those cheap plastic ones…. Because, you know, Star Wars!) as well as having had a large collection of the Star Wars Legos! Other favourite films include the John Wick Series, Waterboy and the brilliant Vampire Mockumentary What We Do In The Shadows. I absolutely love this film!!!!

“Oh look, a ghost cup!” – Viago (What We Do In The Shadows)


It’s your number one Final Fantasy nerd here. I adore epic story/character content in video games and movies and am always down to beat Sam in a quality game of FIFA. Final Fantasy X is still my favourite entry in the series (yes, the one with the laugh) and The Last of Us is always the game that I rave about, when I don’t want to sound like a massive weeb. I love listening to video game music for its heavy focus on melody – seeing these tracks performed live are always super hype! I’ll often try and make special mentions for soundtracks that stand out in my reviews too!

Anyone that plays as Oddjob is basically saying “I don’t deserve your friendship and I am a worthless human being!”