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The Beta Network 10 Review Score

Must Play

These titles are the ones that belong on every gamer’s shelf. These games AREN’T perfect, but are among the best games of the year. These are the titles that we would recommend to any gamer.

The Beta Network 9 Review Score


These games are fantastic and are definitely worth picking up. These games are often technically and visually impressive! They may have some flaws, but these are often small and don’t impact the overall experience.

The Beta Network 8 Review Score


These games are great in most departments, but often have a few noticeable flaws. These titles offer an entertaining experience, but some imperfections may get in the way from time to time.

The Beta Network 7 Review Score


These games are enjoyable and are decent in most departments, but they can be a bit of a mixed bag. These titles can be enjoyed by most, but is definitely up for debate.

The Beta Network 6 Review Score


These games are run of the mill titles that aren’t very memorable. They work on a technical level, but there are some obvious flaws that will prevent players from playing  to completion. There are definitely enjoyable moments to be found here, though these are generally not the most recommendable games.

The Beta Network 5 Review Score


These games work, but do not live up to their potential. There’s a lot of promise here, but they fall short in most aspects. These titles are not for most gamers, but there may be some who find something to enjoy.

The Beta Network 4 Review Score


These games are not very enjoyable and have obvious flaws. These titles struggle to impress, and are uninspired. These games boast minimal originality and have very small appeal.

The Beta Network 3 Review Score


These games are unenjoyable and unappealing. The gameplay here is poor and doesn’t work very well. These titles are riddled with issues and it’s a struggle to find any positive elements within. Only appealing to a few, if any, gamers.

The Beta Network 2 Review Score


These titles are a mess. They’re riddled with game-breaking issues and are painful to play. Definitely not a fun experience and would not be worth picking up, even from a bargain bin.

The Beta Network 1 Review Score


If you come across a game like this, you already know what to do. These games don’t work, aren’t fun, and frankly are an insult to the art of game development. DO NOT BUY!