Gods Will Fall Review – A BRUTAL ROGUE-LIKE!

In the world of Gods Will Fall, eight Celtic Warriors fight back against their gods for their freedom. These gods have caused much pain and suffering, so these warriors have come to finally put an end to all of them!

Parrying Your Way Through the Gods!

The gameplay in Gods Will Fall is simple but very effective! Through the use of only light and heavy attacks, as well as a dodge and a parry, you must fight through the realms and the abominations that control them. However, this is a roguelike that will punish you for any errors that you make! Whether that be attacking at the wrong times, or dodging even a millisecond to late, the devs knew how to make this title an enjoyably frustrating experience! There will be quite a few times where the best thing to do is quit and start a new game!

At the start of each new run, the celtic warriors are randomised, with different designs, weapons, stories and stats. This means that each run can look very different. There are certain weapons that may yield significant advantages, namely the spear, due to its massive reach. However, this is balanced out by stat boosts that certain realms, which is where the gods reside, may give. Some characters may become afraid to enter certain realms, meaning that they get a debuff to their stats. Other characters may instead gain courage to face whatever lies within these realms, and may gain significant boosts to their health and strength. Certain warriors may also gain stat boosts from the success or failures of their fellow soldiers. To add to this, the realms also have slight changes in each run. With changes in enemy placements as well as amount, you can never be sure what you’re up for before entering. 

Gods Will Fall Review Boss Image
Some of these bosses really are intimidating!

The boss battles are the main focus of this title, and in one word they are… Difficult. Of course, similar to other boss rush style games, the bosses do become easier once you learn their attack patterns. However, the game also randomises the difficulty of each boss for each new game! So, if you’re like me, this will lead to endless hours of trying and trying and trying again. 

How Does It Play On Portable Platforms?

The Switch version of Gods Will Fall really is not the ideal way to play. The controls in this version just don’t seem to be as responsive as on other platforms! I was unable to conquer Osseus, the spider boss, for a long while on the switch! However, when switching over to the PC version (whilst using an XBOX controller), I managed to beat it on my first attempt. Now not to say that this means the PC version is easier, but there are only a few frames in which a dodge or parry can happen successfully. And because of what seems like a slight input lag on the switch version, it can punish you, even if your timing is right. 

The presentation in Gods Will Fall looks incredible. This eye-catching but minimalist design of the environment really makes the character models stand out. Each character looks completely unique, which in a game that randomises the characters at the start of a run, is quite an impressive feat. The soundtrack here fits perfectly with each realm as well as the overworld. It really does help to make each boss battle just a little more tense, and even slightly intimidating. 

If you’re not careful, you can quickly get surrounded by enemies! And when that happens, chances of survival are minimal!


I would definitely recommend giving Gods Will Fall a go, just not on the Nintendo Switch! This roguelike will definitely challenge you and even possibly push you to your limits (I know it did for me). Gods Will Fall is great fun to play, and whilst having a bit of a learning curve, this game is fairly balanced. Each time you fail, it feels deserved, unless of course, you’re playing on the Switch.

Reviewed by Samuel Incze

7 - GOOD 
Gods Will Fall is a fresh take on the roguelike genre. It's fantastic world design and challenging bosses really does give players reason to come back time and time again.


Gods Will Fall is a fresh take on the roguelike genre. The fantastic world design and challenging bosses really does give players reason to come back time and time again. 

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