Starfield Review – A Surprisingly Enjoyable Journey Through Space?

Starfield has finally arrived, so it’s time to find out if it truly lives up to the hype! Admittedly I was quite sceptical going into this review. I couldn’t help but notice similarities between the lead up to its release, and some other titles that haven’t fared so well in recent history! *ahem* Cyberpunk *ahem* *ahem* No Man’s Sky *ahem* But, once I suited up and put my helmet on, I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised!

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Is this Starfield or Fallout?

It will probably surprise no one to find out that Starfield shares a lot in common in its gameplay with the fallout series. Gunplay feels simple, but satisfying, making those shootouts with space pirates intense but really fun. At the end of the day, this is still another RPG looter shooter. So you probably already know what to expect here! Space combat also plays a significant role in this Sci-Fi adventure, and it’s about as good as it could be. The devs have introduced enough mechanics, in the way of balancing out your power output between engines, weapons and shields, but also keeps things relatively straightforward to make ship battles also feel tense, without being overly complex. This was definitely the right call, as it prevents ventures out into the cosmos feeling like a chore. 

…Ship battles also feel tense, without being overly complex!

Starfield’s story is sorely lacking!

The narrative is where I found most of the issues in Starfield. The ‘join an organisation to uncover multiple artefacts, because they have a mysterious significance in our universe’ plot is honestly really not that interesting and is not going to be what keeps players coming back to the game. However, Starfield has a wealth of side content available which more than makes up for this! One moment you may be collecting loans for Galbank (trust me, this is much more interesting than it sounds) and the next you’ll pretend to be a hunted space captain to get bounty hunters off an innocent person’s back. There is just so much to explore that you won’t feel bad jumping in and out of the main quests on a whim. 

Starfield referencing the adoring fan really made me laugh!

Starfield is stuffed full of content!

Starfield is packed to the brim with places to explore, people to meet and enemies to take down. And this is what makes it truly shine. As previously mentioned, the side content is what will keep you occupied for the majority of your journey in Starfield. However, there is one aspect that can occasionally break the immersion. And that is the heavy reliance on menus. No matter where you want to travel, you will most likely end up using menus. Often there is no alternative to using menu navigation. And if there is, the time it would take to get to your destination is so excruciatingly long that it becomes too inconvenient to travel that way. 

Starfield is packed to the brim with places to explore, people to meet and enemies to take down.

Now I do recognise that these menus prevent us from having to trudge through a relatively empty space, especially on longer journeys. But I can’t help but feel that there might have been a sort of middle ground to this. I didn’t think I would say this, but this was one aspect where No Man’s Sky really got it right. The ability to move from planet to planet, feeling like you’re picking up speed so it doesn’t feel like you’re dragging yourself from place to place, but still giving you that feeling of exploring the various systems. With Starfield, it can sometimes feel like I am just planet hopping. This can really take away from the wonder of space exploration, especially given how fun space travel can be in the game. 

Surely Starfield has bugs?!

You may have noticed that up until this point, I have not made any mention of bugs. Which is strange, because it seems as though glitches and Bethesda go hand in hand. But, to be serious for a moment, Starfield is actually really well made. I barely had any bugs or issues during my playtime, with only the occasional texture glitch popping up for merely a moment. I was honestly really surprised by this!

  • Combat in Starfield shares a striking resemblance with Fallout!
  • Space exploration in Starfield is awesome, even if it is a bit more limited than expected!
  • Trying to persuade people in Starfield basically boils down to a simple game of guessing the best option
  • Mining... An essential process in Starfield, even if it isn't the most thrilling


Overall, Starfield really is that fun space explorer that you hoped it would be! Its slick combat and space battles hit the right notes and there are plenty of planets to explore and discoveries to make. Unfortunately, the main story is really lacking, but the expansive side missions and activities will keep you hooked for hours on end.

By Samuel InczeReviewed on PC


Starfield is a fun adventure that may just lack a bit of direction. The narrative is not exactly intriguing. However, Starfield throws a metric tonne of interesting side quests which will easily distract you from the meagre main plot. Combat is very reminiscent of the fallout series, with the gunplay in particular feeling pretty satisfying. The ship battles are also quite simple and avoid unnecessary systems which is ideal for this style of game. Whilst there are a few bugs, because after all this is a Bethesda game, thankfully they are minor and non intrusive, and often quite hilarious. Overall, Starfield is an entertaining sandbox that will give you hours upon hours of fun. I just hope you don’t mind sitting through (or skipping) the generic dialogue throughout the main quests.

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