Wanted: Dead’s first discounted sale launches today!

110 Industries, the team behind Wanted: Dead, has just announced that Wanted: Dead’s first discounted sale goes live today! That is, after being in online storefronts for just under 3 months. Right now you can save 35% on your purchase of Wanted: Dead on Steam, with the PlayStation store having a discount of 30%. XBOX users will also reportedly benefit from a similar 30% discount. However, at the time of writing, this special is not yet live on the Microsoft store. The developers have stated that “gaming should be accessible to all players and hope that this discount will encourage more players to try Wanted: Dead”. According to 110 Industries, these discounts have been made available worldwide (except for Belarus & Russia). It will also be available until the 24th of May at 11:59pm PT, or 25th of May at 4:59pm over here in the LAND DOWN UNDER!

Wanted: Dead brings back that Ninja Gaiden-esque feeling!

Not sure what Wanted: Dead is?

Wanted: Dead sees you play as main character Hannah Stone, as she hacks and slashes her way through a Cyberpunk-like Hong Kong. Hannah is on a mission to uncover a secret operation that involves the production of synthetic soldiers. You can expect to get a more modern, Ninja Gaiden-like experience from Wanted: Dead. The challenging combat that will keep you on your toes, as well as some interesting and unique game mechanics. You can find out more about our experience with Wanted: Dead in detail in our review here.

If you are interested in Wanted: Dead and are looking for the right opportunity to pick it up, at this discounted price, right now might be the best time to get into the action. You can find the discounts for Wanted: Dead here: Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox (discount will appear here once live)

By Samuel Incze


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