Alan Wake Remastered Review – A DARK JOURNEY!

Alan Wake’s story focuses around a struggling writer of the same name, who travels to the small town of Bright Falls to take a break from his career. Alan and his wife, Alice, find themselves a small cabin where they plan to unwind. After an argument between the two breaks out, Alan walks out of the cabin into the night. This is where things take a dark turn. Following a sequence of events that seem unclear at the time, Alan wakes up to find himself alone in the driver’s seat of a crashed car. Unsure of what has occured, Alan decides to take matters into his own hands and find his way back to his wife.

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The narrative in this title is definitely intriguing. It will have you asking questions about what is really going on right till the end. Alan Wake is really well paced with many captivating moments and manages to maintain a level of suspense throughout. It is worth mentioning that the remaster does also include two expansions which carry on the story as an epilogue of sorts.

Remastering Alan Wake’s Combat Mechanics

The gameplay in Alan Wake Remastered feels great. The weighty combat mechanics are definitely a highlight. They are simple, but effective! Using the torch to dispel darkness from enemies and then following up with gunfire is also really enjoyable. Finding new weapons and gadgets to use against the darkness really feels like a reprieve, as the game presses you from all sides with enemies occasionally appearing seemingly at random. 

After a while however, these encounters become more of a nuisance than a threat and can feel a little repetitive. I found myself having a routine of how to deal with these groups of enemies, and with ammunition and items being in abundance, some moments where I was cornered became a little less intense then they should’ve been.  It’s also great to see that the devs have included features for the DualSense controller. The adaptive triggers really do help to add to an immersive gameplay experience. 

  • Alan Wake Remastered - Alan always gets recognised
  • Alan Wake - Enemies will jump out of nowhere
  • Alan Wake - Dispelling Darkness
  • Alan Wake - Dark Atmosphere

It is easy to forget that this title is in fact a remaster of a 2010 game, as it often feels like a brand new release! There are a few moments where the game may feel a little dated, but these quickly fall to the wayside as the narrative draws you back in. 

Alan Wake’s Creepy Atmosphere

The world of Alan Wake is bleak and dreary, and sets the scene very well for the narrative. Through the use of the darkness, it is often hard to tell what is lurking nearby. This just adds to the intensity of an already creepy atmosphere. The graphics and character models have also gotten a real upgrade in this remaster, with some characters even looking a little different to their 2010 counterparts. 

Alan Wake Remastered - Alice's character model in the original gameAlan Wake Remastered - Alice's character model in the remaster
Comparing Alice’s character model from 2010 to the remaster!


Alan Wake Remastered has shown how a remaster can reintroduce an older game for a new audience, whilst preserving everything that makes it unique! The intense and action packed narrative combined with some fascinating combat mechanics makes for an experience that is definitely worth your time! This psychological action thriller is captivating and suspenseful, and will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end!

By Samuel Incze


Alan Wake Remastered is a prime example of just how a remaster should be done! Featuring a sinister narrative coupled together with some simple, but fascinating gameplay mechanics, Alan Wake Remastered is definitely worth picking up!

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