Far Cry 6 Review – A NEW DIRECTION?

Far Cry 6 is a bit of an interesting entry in the long-running franchise. Whilst it doesn’t introduce any radical changes to the mix, the overall refinements to the formula are palpable. You’ll still be blowing up enemy strongholds for control, modding your equipment to get JUST the right load-out and taking on a variety of missions which are always relatively fun and engaging.

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Far Cry 6’s Over-The-Top Antics

I especially loved using the Supremo abilities during combat. These limit-break types of attacks are great for crowd control. They really play into that over-the-top feeling that the Far Cry series has established. For example, shooting a round of ballistic missiles straight out of your backpack – nice! Or, emitting a strange gas into the air that confuses everyone in its path – even better!

The game is just so chock full of ridiculous and silly moments like this that are always fun to witness. Your pet, or Amigos as they’re called in this game also serve as great companions for distracting or taking down enemy targets! They even offer up stat buffs like reduced damage or extra bonuses obtained from defeated foes. I never thought I’d have a crocodile ally helping me take down armoured soldiers! But I suppose anything’s possible in the Far Cry universe, ey?

Far Cry 6 Review - The Dictator's Son
The son of the dictator, Diego is pushed to become like his father!

Well, maybe some more sensible AI would be nice actually, as they do act a little silly sometimes. I also wasn’t the biggest fan of the vehicular controls either. More often than not, my horse would just randomly stop on the spot or get stuck on the least threatening pieces of foliage known to mankind for no apparent reason. I even got trapped underwater at some point, and wasn’t able to return to the surface after several repeated attempts. This has to be one of the strangest glitches I’ve seen this year.

An Abundance of Accessibility In Far Cry 6

If there’s one thing that’s really great about this game though, it’d have to be Far Cry 6’s level of accessibility and customisation. Looking through the system settings on PC, you’ll find heaps of HUD display options, gameplay adjustments and quality of life aspects that are great for tailoring the experience to each player’s needs. Being able to assign exactly which HUD elements are displayed on screen, or even whether enemies and treasures are outlined may seem small in the grand scheme of things, but you’ll be surprised how many games don’t offer this level of customisation overall.

An FPS benchmark feature also lets you test out how well your computer’s specs will perform throughout the game. Acting as a super handy tool to visualise how the various graphics sliders affect the average, in-game performance.

Far Cry 6 Review - Flamethrower
The flamethrower is absolute… *ahem* FIRE *ahem*…

The Narrative’s Mixed Bag…

Moving over to the story. Far Cry 6 goes for a more serious tone this time around, with a classic tale of revolution in the air. It’s not a bad plot at the end of the day, with some intriguing character arcs and themes that are definitely worth sticking around for. But at the same time, that campy feel of the Far Cry franchise does undermine its execution on occasion.

It is worth mentioning that the playable character called Dani, actually feels like a real human being in Far Cry 6. Rather than simply acting as a vessel to witness the plot, which does go a long way in investing the audience in the story. The characters of Far Cry 6 are also just as wacky and needlessly violent as you’d expect. I swear these guys just love killing people for no particular reason. Although their silly behaviour does have its charms, the general wackiness can be a little bit much sometimes.

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There’s heaps of fun to be had in Far Cry 6, with all sorts of awesome abilities and gun modifications that can be experimented with to your heart’s content. The story and characters are worth sticking around for as well, especially in regards to the cast’s great voice-acting and zany antics. Couple that with a seriously intense villain – even for Far Cry standards – and you’re in for a catalogue of awesome scenes. While Far Cry 6 doesn’t re-invent the wheel, it certainly knows how to present an open-world adventure with a whole lot of punch.

By Anthony Culinas


Far Cry 6 sets its player up for hours upon hours of unadulterated, open-world, action-adventure goodness. While it does contain some very rough glitches and a few story beats that fall a little flat, the over-the-top charm of the series has never been as refined as it is here. Far Cry fans, make sure you’ve got the 6th entry in your shopping cart.

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