Destroy All Humans! Remake Review

Have you ever thought about what would happen when Aliens try to take over the World? Have you ever thought “are they truly little green men”? Have you ever said to yourself, “it’s totally possible”? Now firstly I understand that this is a remaster, however I am taking the view as if it’s a new game, considering that I’ve never played the original. So let’s get into it.

Check out our video review of Destroy All Humans! to see all the chaos we can cause with Krypto!

This is one of the most hilarious, ridiculous, corny and cringe-y games going around, all mixed into one – and it’s fantastic. For those who don’t know, Destroy All Humans is a 3rd person RPG shooter where you play as an Alien, Cryptosporidium-137 (AKA Crypto-137). He is called up by his Alien Overlord to investigate and study humanity after Crypto-136 is kidnapped, and it very quickly turns from learning about the Humans to wreaking havoc upon them. The story just follows Crypto-137 having to partake in certain tasks like probing minds and probing…….. other things, destroying buildings, stealthily infiltrating military bases and so on. 

There really isn’t much to the story structure. It just gives you set missions that you have to complete to move the story forward. The cool aspect though, is that all the optional objectives add a lot of comedy to the game. Moments like drowning cows or humans in water, or killing people by throwing other people at them. And I get that the game is supposed to be on the ridiculous side of things, but isn’t it a little weird that Aliens know what the colour green is but don’t know that cows go mooo?

Abducting cows is necessary….. for research…

Once you finish each mission there is a certain amount of DNA that you can trade, to get upgrades for Crypto or his Saucer, which makes fighting a lot easier as you get further into the game. Another great aspect is that you can go back to the missions you have already done and either attempt them again, in order to 100% them, or try a couple of the other game styles Armageddon, Abduction, Race and Rampage. In order to play them you go back to a place you have already been, like the farm, and you look for big yellow beams. In Armageddon, you fly in your saucer and try and cause as much damage as possible, in Abduction you have to throw cows or humans into a beam that moves around, in Race you have to follow a beacon and pick up everything it drops and lastly in Rampage you have to kill waves of enemies. They all allow you to grind and get more DNA, being a great way to fully upgrade your arsenal before the final few bosses.

The gameplay itself is straightforward and easy to understand. Each button has its own function, but the awesome thing is that the buttons basically have the same kind of function on foot and in the saucer. Not to mention there a lot of things you can do that makes the game easier, such as the holobob. This allows you to take the form of a human, or be able to distract agents. But the best thing to do is to use your jetpack and then aim with your weapon, which causes you to just hover in the air for however long your jetpack lasts. It is so useful whenever you’re fighting waves of enemies.

The holobob is definitely one of the funnier mechanics in this game. It allows Crypto-137 to run around as any human he can find.

Now when it comes to graphics it is both great and…..meh. For the most part they seem to have done a brilliant job with Crypto and especially with the cut scenes. The art style mostly looks fantastic and also adds to the ridiculousness of the game. The only parts that I’m not too keen about are the way the humans have been rendered and how Crypto sounds. I mean let’s be honest here, the humans just look …….weird. And Crypto sounds a lot more like a human ruffian than an Alien. I mean to go from the great voice of the Overlord to Crypto it just feels a little off.

Overall, they have done an exceptional job in remastering this game and quite frankly, this is one of the most hilarious games you can find. You will find yourself laughing in almost every single mission, and it’s honestly just a great way to pass the time. If you’re looking for some fun mayhem with lots of comedy, then definitely get this game. You can’t go wrong!

Review by Dillon Van Der Putten


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