A few #TryPS5 streams have recently aired, and we not only got a chance to see the console in action, but how it actually looks in human hands. It does not disappoint. A few Japanese YouTubers were lucky enough to be among the first to play Sony’s new console, and did their absolute best to give the most over-the-top reactions to all the functions of the PS5 as well as what was occurring on screen. The main title featured was Astro’s Playroom! Also included were small snippets from Godfall and Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition. We were surprised not to see more games being shown from the recent PlayStation 5 Showcase!

Turns out, the PlayStation 5’s size matters!

Now down to the matter at hand. It is immediately noticeable just how much larger the PlayStation 5 is than its predecessor. Whilst many questioned this interesting design choice by Sony, it was through the aforementioned streams which we have seemed to have received our answer. The PlayStation 4 had a longstanding issue with having jet engines for fans. Not only was this irritating to the ears, but also the heat the emanating off the console itself was often alarming. Hence, Sony had been reportedly working on the new design for the PlayStation 5 with these issues in mind. Last year’s leaked images of the PS5 Dev Kit seemed to confirm this!

According to the above mentioned streams as well as various hands-on previews, the PlayStation 5 does in fact run a lot quieter than the previous system. The size has been credited as the reason for this. Whilst we are not sure of the size of the internal hardware, it definitely does make sense for the sake of airflow, for the PS5 to have more space inside the main hub. It is definitely a relief to know that we have the potential to play the latest games on a console that does not constantly sound like it is about to erupt.

You can watch the hands on PS5 preview here

By Samuel Incze

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