Hot Lap League ‘Win-to-get-Paid!’ Brings Cash Prizes to Mobile Gaming!

We know all too well the issues with money and gaming! The microtransaction model has become one of the biggest unwelcome gaming trends to date. From having small cosmetic items being locked behind paywalls to big game changing characters being only one transaction away, we’re looking at you FIFA, this practice is one that we are truly getting tired of. So it was definitely a shock to find out that in this age of Pay-To-Win, a developer actually wants to give out cash prizes, at no cost to the player! That is exactly what Local Australian Developer Ultimate Studio is doing with their mobile racing game, Hot Lap League. 

Hot Lap League - Going through Loops
The way the track goes into a loop is definitely giving off TrackMania vibes!

So, What is Hot Lap League like?

Hot Lap League is very reminiscent of the Trackmania franchise, with tracks that will give you similar intensity, requiring lots of concentration to get the best times possible! I am already amazed at the lap times players have set, as they are truly impressive! 

This racer features a simple control layout, featuring only two turning buttons and a drift button. With the use of Auto-Acceleration, the Ultimate Studio has made the smart decision to make sure that players only need to focus on getting those corners just right! I am sure we’ve all played mobile racers that require manual acceleration, and honestly, it can be frustrating given how limited the space on screen is. It is definitely a fun racing game to plug a bit of time into, and setting records is quite satisfying. 

Hot Lap League - Promotion for Sunday Comps
You can race to win every Sunday, starting October 24!

So what could make this better? Well, this Trackmania-esque racing title has opened up the opportunity for players to compete in a Pro Cup tournament this Sunday, the 24th of October to win their share of a cash prize pool, consisting of $300AUD! To win, players must set the fastest time on an unknown track within the 24 hour period. This competition is only available to Australian players and will be running every Sunday!

You may be wondering, what is the catch here? All you have to do is download Hot Lap League and set the best time… and that is about it! So why not give it a go and try to win big! Good luck to all of you racers out there!

Hot Lap League is currently available on iOS and Android

By Samuel Incze

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