Hot Lap League: Pro Cup Update!

Players all across Australia have already been competing each Sunday to win cash prizes in Hot Lap League’s Pro Cup. Some of these players have found ways to dramatically shorten their runs by skipping whole sections of the course with some creative driving. Even the devs were surprised at some of these discoveries.

Check out our video commentary of Hot Lap League’s Pro Cup winners, and see how they raced their way to victory!

Let’s have a look at one such discovery now. Winner of the first pro cup, Jimmy raced to victory by using the final ramp to jump straight to the finish line, rather than take the course around. This interesting maneuver won Jimmy the first prize cash reward of $150! 

Themzy, the player who came 3rd place in the Pro Cup on the 24th of October, had this to say: “ I’ve never won anything video game related before, so this has left me super stoked for the next round.” Each Sunday sees new players take top spots with the top 3 for each of the first two weeks featuring completely different players. 

Hot Lap League - Jimmy taking an unusual route to victory!
Jimmy’s winning jump!

What’s to come in Hot Lap League!

Speaking with the team at Ultimate Studio, it seems possible that the prize pool may increase as the player base grows. With each Sunday bringing in a new competition, on a new track, now is the time to jump into Hot Lap League for your chance at first prize. It is also worth noting, that both 2nd and 3rd place also get a share of the total prize pool, valued at $300! At this time, the Pro Cup is only open to Australian players!

I’ve never won anything video game related before, so this has left me super stoked for the next round.


Hot Lap league has been a good outlet for many players who are looking to get their mobile racing fix! Ultimate studios have been dedicated to ensuring that this title remains focused on the player. At the time of recording this video, monetisation tactics used by the studio for this free mobile game have not impacted the player experience, and there have not been irritating ads to deal with! It’s a fun racer that is great to jump into, even if only for a few minutes at a time!

Hot Lap League is currently available on iOS and Android

By Samuel Incze

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