OlliOlli World Review – A RAD SKATING EXPERIENCE?!

Okay, I am going to start things off on a real positive note and say that OlliOlli World is one of the best controlling side-scrolling skateboarding games that I have ever played! The gameplay has been refined to a tee and makes combo-ing various flips, grabs and grinds feel really satisfying. The controls are intuitive, with flip tricks being mapped to the different movements on the left stick, and grab tricks being mapped to different movements on the right. This makes it really simple to pull off some awesome tricks in OlliOlli Worlds various stages! 

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This title also boasts the lowest barrier to entry out of any OlliOlli game, whilst still maintaining a strong level of challenge. You can simply skate your way through each of the levels to complete them, or take on all the challenges that each level has to offer, as well as beat all the local heroes’ scores for some really cool unlockables. There are some pretty crazy scores to beat as well as some difficult, and sometimes frustrating challenges to overcome. There is so much to do in OlliOlli World that honestly, it did become a little addictive. 

Wait, OlliOlli World Has A Story?!?!

Now, let’s have a look at the story… OlliOlli World does indeed have a story! And it is completely bonkers! Based in the world Radlandia, which was created by 5 Skate Godz… (yes, you read that correctly!) You have been sought out by the current Skate Wizard Chiffon, who is the representative of these gods. She has been searching for someone to take her place, so that she can finally retire. So, to prove yourself worthy of the title of Skate Wizard, you must complete a variety of challenges and come face to face with each of these gods! Because… After all, Skate Wizards only come but once in a generation!

OlliOlli World Review - The Skate Wizard
The Skate Wizard is essential to keeping things as they should be in Radlandia!

This narrative is absolutely hilarious and features some strange, but enjoyable dialogue. Meeting with the different characters in the world and learning more about Radlandia is quite interesting. There is a lot more to it than you may initially think. Whilst it is not the main highlight of OlliOlli World, it definitely will have you chuckling quite often even if some of the humour is a little on the nose… 

OlliOlli World’s Beautiful Design

This is easily the best looking OlliOlli game to date and possibly even one of the best looking side-scrolling skating titles! Adding a simple, cartoonish, cell-shaded aesthetic, with a fantastic colour palette, has really taken the OlliOlli series to the next level! Being one of the biggest changes to the previous titles, the new design complements this new direction perfectly!

This is a great feature that ensures that you are always getting the songs that you enjoy whilst getting some crazy combos!

OlliOlli World’s soundtrack is also a massive highlight! These awesome EDM tracks help to set the atmosphere for a fun and chilled out skating experience! And if a track just isn’t working for you, you can also change the music at any time, regardless of if you’re on your board, or just navigating the menus. This is a great feature that ensures that you are always getting the songs that you enjoy whilst getting some crazy combos!

OlliOlli World Review - Grind Trick
The grinding and other various tricks always look and feel slick!

Surely There Has To Be Something Wrong With This Game…

On the other side of things, there are a few annoying issues that I found in my time playing OlliOlli World. Firstly, the game spreads out the tutorial levels throughout its various regions. This means that you may not learn everything straight away. Instead, as you progress through the various levels, you will reach new tutorials that teach you these new tricks that you may not have done before. This might seem like a great idea at first, however, the fact that I did not reach a tutorial to learn how to manual until the 4th region, whilst I had already learned how to wallride in the 2nd is honestly more than a little frustrating! However, you can in fact do most of the moves before reaching each trick’s designated tutorial.

The other main issue I found was stuttering in the loading screens, as well as dialogue screens.

On the Switch version, to add insult to injury, the incorrect button input is given for the manual in the tricktionary, which is where you find the control layout and button combinations. The correct button configuration is A + Left or Right on the left stick! I am sure that the control layout will be fixed by the devs soon enough though. The main reason this was irritating was because the game asks you to reach scores that are impossible without using a manual to get big combos before reaching the 4th region.

  • OlliOlli World Review - Manual Tutorial is in the 4th region...
  • OlliOlli World Review - There are all kinds of cool tricks to do!
  • OlliOlli World Review - The Various Skating Regions

The other main issue I found was stuttering in the loading screens, as well as dialogue screens. This may again be primarily a Switch issue, but it was a little annoying to see it happen over and over again as I progressed through each level. Both of these issues did not by any means hinder my enjoyment of OlliOlli World! However, they are worth noting as they can be a little exasperating at times.


So, is OlliOlli World worth picking up? Absolutely! This title is filled to the brim with challenges and scores that will truly put your OlliOlli skills to the test! Being welcoming for new players as well as challenging for series veterans is quite a difficult task to achieve, but OlliOlli World makes it work seamlessly! This is definitely one of the best games of its genre! It really sets itself apart with its slick controls and awesome visuals! Definitely give OlliOlli World a go! You won’t be disappointed!

By Samuel Incze – Reviewed on Nintendo Switch


OlliOlli World maintains the challenging gameplay of the previous entries in the series, whilst being much more accessible for new players! Featuring slick and satisfying controls, as well as a stunning cell-shaded art style, OlliOlli World sets itself apart as one of the best side-scrolling skateboarding games to date!

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