Police Simulator: Patrol Officers Review – GOOD COP OR BAD COP?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a police officer? To have the responsibility to apprehend criminals, chase down a speeding vehicle or give someone a ticket for jaywalking? Alright, well maybe you might not have thought about the last one as much. But you definitely can do that and much more in developer Aesir Interactive’s Police Simulator: Patrol Officers! But the question is, is it worth giving up your hard earned cash for an opportunity to jump into a cop car and execute the law? 

Hmmmm.... Something seems off about this ID... - Police Simulator Patrol Officers Review
Hmmmm…. Something seems off about this ID…

So What Should I Expect to Find?

Well to start with, Police Simulator: Patrol Officers throws you into a world where everyone seems to be doing something even slightly illegal. Be it parking their car too far out into the street, carrying a fake ID (because you know, that’s not shady at all!) or even concealing a firearm—and that is only the beginning. 

There is a large array of different situations to be aware of in this world whilst you are surveying the streets. It is entirely up to you which crimes you choose to pursue, and which you choose to ignore. And if you really want, you can take a day to be a ticket inspector and book vehicles for various parking infringements. You can even have them towed, which is especially enjoyable if the driver is being a little impolite. There are just so many options available to you when interacting with civilians as well as potential criminals and wanted suspects. 

Getting a car towed is just part of the job! - Police Simulator Patrol Officers Review
Getting a car towed is just part of the job!

In this police sim, patrols are done in shifts. This means you can choose the time of day you go out, and whether you are on foot or driving around your district. The goal of each shift is to gain as many Shift Points (SP) points, whilst losing as few Conduct Points (CP) in order to get access to more districts and different equipment and crimes to look out for. SP is earned for successfully detaining subjects for criminal offenses, or attending to and completing different crime scenes or traffic accidents. However, the amount of SP gained can be reduced if too many conduct points are lost. CP can be lost by doing unlawful actions such as committing traffic violations, taking unjustified actions against civilians (ie. arresting/searching without sufficient reason) or by committing police brutality. 

But How Does it Feel to Play?

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers feels great! Upholding the law in this title is honestly so much fun, even if you decide to take liberties with it for yourself! The gameplay mechanics are simple, but exactly what is needed for this type of sim game! 

Whilst it does have some serious depth to it (especially once you start unlocking new locations and scenarios), it ensures that new players do not get overwhelmed. There aren’t many, if any, overly complex mechanics (which can be typical of some other sims), and this is quite welcome because of how much there is in the world to look out for. Patrol Officers doesn’t require a deep understanding of various systems, but rather a keen eye to keep a lookout for lawbreakers as you police each district. 

  • The intuitive radial wheel makes it quick and easy to give a ticket! - Police Simulator Patrol Officers Review
  • Too many people seem to have fake or stolen IDs - Police Simulator Patrol Officers Review
  • Safe to say that someone should have been more careful on the road! - Police Simulator Patrol Officers Review

Featuring a really intuitive radial wheel system for all interactions, helps make arresting, searching and booking people a simple task to do. As long as you ensure that you are booking them for the right reason, the various menus and submenus are laid out in such a way that it makes finding the correct option really quick and easy. 

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers’ Presentation

Patrol Officers really looks great, especially considering the small size of the development team! Whilst the character designs may look a bit basic and less detailed, this really does not take away from the amount of interesting interactions you can have with all the people in this open world. On the other hand, it is quite strange to be walking or driving around the district with only the sounds of other cars and people being heard. It would have been nice to have some background music to fill in these gaps between interactions, but then again, I might just be nitpicking here. 

Having a partner is really helpful for apprehending a suspect! - Police Simulator Patrol Officers Review
Having a partner is really helpful for apprehending a suspect!

One of the best features in Patrol Officers is the fact that you can also play with a partner. Whether you decide to invite a friend, or just have a random join you, it’s great having another officer along for the ride! A partner is especially handy when someone decides to do a runner whilst you are conducting a search on them or their vehicle. 


Whilst I have no idea what it is like to be an actual police officer, Police Simulator: Patrol Officers gives their version of what it could be like to be a cop. And for the most part, they do so fairly successfully! Whilst the game is still in early access, with seemingly quite a few more major improvements to come, the current offerings from Patrol Officers is enough to keep you entertained for hours on end. 

By Samuel Incze – Reviewed on PC


Police Simulator: Patrol Officers gives a fresh take on the sim game genre, simplifying its mechanics for a wider audience. Whilst there are some simpler design choices in some of the animations and character models, Patrol Officers offers an enjoyable experience that is worth giving a shot, especially if you have struggled with other more complex games in the simulator genre!

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