Rune II Decapitation Edition – THE COMBAT CONUNDRUM – Review

Rune II Decapitation Edition sets you off on an adventure through Midgard to stop Loki from causing Ragnarok to happen again. Lead by Heimdall, you are tasked with becoming the champion of Midgard. Much of the story is told through Heimdall’s narration as you travel through the land, looking for new foes and allies! The narrative does not seem to be the main focus of this title! It only serves to propel you forward into exploring of the vast lands of this mythological world. Much of the dialogue and voice acting often sounds bland and quite generic! It only provides basic information to guide you to your next objective.

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Rune II Decapitation Edition Combat System

The gameplay here is a bit of a mixed bag! At moments it may be interesting, especially with the variety of weapons you can use. However, overall it feels a bit lacklustre. Some slightly clunky combat mechanics lead you to take repeated damage despite blocking and attempting to parry attacks. Attacks also seem to miss by a large margin, even when locked onto and facing an enemy. The combat does just enough to be enjoyable for a short period of time. However, it doesn’t take long for it to feel repetitive.

The combat does just enough to be enjoyable for a short period of time. However, it doesn’t take long for it to feel repetitive.

Many of the animations here seem unpolished, with enemies falling seconds before an attack actually lands, or attacks being blocked even before they are properly executed. This also creates frustration with the combat as it feels like a gamble every time you attempt to strike an opponent. On a more positive note, the ability to rebuild towns and settlements is great. Attaining resources and spending them on various buildings is beneficial for getting crafting areas and sources of health consumables.

Rune II Decapitation Edition Combat
Rushing into combat feels quite interesting and annoying at the same time!

The World of Rune II Decapitation Edition

The main drawcard to this game is its setting. There has been a pretty big lack of third person RPGs about Vikings and Norse Mythology, so Rune II came in to rectify this. With a great looking world, filled with enemies of all kinds, there are some really interesting and intriguing moments that this title has to offer. However, after a while, you seem to deal with the same enemies over and over again. Traversing the environments can be a real joy. However, you will often get stuck in repetitive combat with various dangerous animals or enemies of the world. It then becomes a bit of a chore.

You will often get stuck in repetitive combat!


Rune II Decapitation Edition doesn’t give sufficient reason to be worth picking up just yet! The developers are constantly working on and updating the title, so hopefully before too long it will become much smoother than it is currently. There is so much potential here, but it often struggles to live up to what the game is trying to be. Whilst there is multiplayer co-op for this game, it does not feel like enough of an incentive to rush to buy this title.

Reviewed by Samuel Incze


Rune II Decapitation Edition is definitely a title with potential, but its frequent bugs as well as the lack of an interesting and inviting story leave much to be desired. Whilst the world looks great and some interesting combat encounters do occur, the overall gameplay feels like a slog to power through a lot of the time!

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