Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction Review – NEW FORMULA, SAME GREAT MECHANICS!

Following the raging success of Rainbow Six Siege, Rainbow Six Extraction brings that same epic gun combat to a whole new environment. Instead of teaming up in squads of 5, to take on other operators in some PvP madness, Extraction drops teams of 3 players into alien-infested lands, in an attempt to recover allies, collect samples from specific Archæans (which are the aliens that attack the operators) & destroy the nests that the Archæans spawn from. 

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This game will feel very familiar for fans of the previous Rainbow Six titles. Featuring Siege’s smooth mechanics and tactical play style, Extraction requires you to take your time as you work to complete each incursion. These tactical incursions are the core of Rainbow Six Extraction’s gameplay. Featuring 3 objectives per incursion, it is up to you how many of these missions you choose to complete, with each of the three objectives being tougher than the last! You can simply bypass an objective to get to an air-lock to get to the next one, or alternatively you can move to the extraction point to bail out if a mission gets out of hand!

Tactics That Will Save Your Life!

Trying to rush these objectives can cause you to lose operators, and fast! And yes, I do mean lose! If an operator falls during an incursion, they get captured by the enemy and become MIA. To get them back, you will have to head into that same area again to rescue them. This can become a little tedious if you lose too many operators, but on the flip side, this is a great way of encouraging experimentation with the different characters available. 

Rainbow Six Extraction Review - Taking down Archæan nests!
Taking down Archæan nests is vital to survival!

It is possible to run the incursions solo, and the game adapts each objective to be achievable for solo players whilst still maintaining a level of challenge. In one solo run I attempted to rescue an MIA operative, and the Archæan Tree I had to pull them out of had only 3 cords that were feeding it Arch Cells, as compared to the 5 cords when playing with another player. The devs have done really well to make this game accessible for solo players, doubles and 3 man teams, with the challenges always feeling balanced. Also, running solo is in fact that! There are no AI companions to assist you in these incursions, and honestly, that is just the way I like it!

But Rainbow Six Extraction Isn’t Perfect…

On the more negative side of things, I did have a couple of crashes whilst playing Extraction, which was quite frustrating! However the devs have implemented the possibility of reconnecting to the game! If you are in a coop run, this means that XP would not be forfeited. Intentionally leaving games on the other hand, as well as refusing to rejoin the session after relaunching your game from a crash, will incur a penalty, similar to Siege.

  • Rainbow Six Extraction Review - Rescuing an operator
  • Rainbow Six Extraction - Taking down an enemy before it can alert the others!
  • Rainbow Six Extraction Review - Operator MIA

There also isn’t much in the way of narrative in cutscenes, with much of the story being found through bits of written lore. Though this is not an issue, I would have loved to see more of this lore brought to life through action sequences, as the few scenes you do get, don’t really explain a whole lot. Narrative is not a vital requirement for this type of game however, so this is honestly me just being a little picky. 


Extraction is an ideal choice for an evening of co-op gaming with mates! With slick combat and interesting gameplay mechanics, Rainbow Six Extraction will ensure that you have a great tactical survival experience, whether playing alone or with a team. It is also worth mentioning that there is a bit of an endgame to dive into as well, but I think that is better left for you to discover! Also, you don’t need to be a Siege veteran to enjoy this game! Extraction has a much lower barrier of entry, meaning it is much more accessible for new players!

By Samuel Incze – Reviewed on PC


Rainbow Six Extraction takes the awesome gunplay mechanics from Siege and puts them to the test in this brilliant co-op survival experience! With a variety of operators at your exposal, and a large variety of content (plus an exciting endgame), Rainbow Six Extraction promises an addicting thrill ride that will provide hours upon hours of fun!

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