Saints Row Review – A RETURN TO FORMULA

It has been nearly 10 years since Saints Row had a new entry into the series. So it comes as no surprise that Saints Row was highly anticipated by many fans. After the lackluster game that was Saints Row IV, it seemed that the series was going in a downward spiral that was very similar to Duke Nukem. So when it seemed that Deep Silver Volition had decided to revert back to a more serious approach to the Saints Row narrative, there is no doubt that I was very excited. 

The combat is very slick - Saints Row Review
The combat is very slick!

Saints Row Goes Back to the Way Things Should Be!

As has become customary in the Saints Row series, you take on the role of Boss, or Playa if you prefer. And once again, have to build up your criminal empire. Except this time, you don’t just start out as a member of the Saints. Instead, you begin your journey as a broke student that happens to find a job working for Marshall Defence Industries, a private military corporation. You’re also stuck in a dingy apartment with three friends, Eli, Neenah and Kevin, who are all working for different gangs. After some life changing events occur, you and your companions decide to take the world by storm, by starting up The Saints. And that is only the beginning!

This narrative is very reminiscent of the early Saints Row games. It focuses on a more serious approach in the story telling, but there are still plenty of humorous moments throughout. However, this title is in no way intended to be a parody of itself, as Saints Row IV seems to have been. It did initially seem strange to have a Saints Row title that does not feature the usual cast of characters, such as Johnny Gat and Shaundi. But honestly, the new crew are really interesting and entertaining. These fresh faces have great chemistry between them which lead to many excellent moments throughout the narrative.

The more serious approach to the narrative is a welcome change! - Saints Row Review
The more serious approach to the narrative is a welcome change!

Saints Row’s Combat is Slicker Than Ever

This is easily the best feeling Saints Row game in the series. The gun combat is really smooth, and the added takedown mechanic is fantastic. It gives you another way to quickly dispatch your foes when in the middle of a gunfight. There are also new skills available, which aid you in your fight out on the streets. My favourite is the Pinaepple Express. This is where you “grab an enemy, drop a grenade down their pants, and throw them.” It is absolutely hilarious to see an enemy get hurled through the air, only to fall onto their gang members and explode. 

Now I know from early gameplay footage that the driving mechanics have been criticised quite heavily! Especially for how arcade-y the driving looked. From the moment you jump into a vehicle, it becomes quite clear that realistic car mechanics were not the focus of this title. And honestly, I think that was an excellent design choice. After all, this isn’t a driving sim… Being able to drift around corners with ease at high speeds is great fun! Slinging your car into others during vehicular combat is really entertaining. Plus, the upgrades you can get for different vehicles after completing various challenges just adds another layer to the car mechanics. This is good stuff!

Taking out a gang with a monster truck - Saints Row Review
Taking out a gang with a monster truck is intense!

Controlling and building your empire also looks slightly different in this new entry. Instead of just driving up to the various stores around the city and buying them, you now have the option of creating new businesses which you can place at various locations around the map. These new businesses will then give you optional missions to take on. These missions help them grow and put some more cash in your pocket.

The Interesting World of Saints Row

Saints Row’s new setting, Santo Ileso, is a vibrant city filled to the brim with areas to explore. There are also many different world events to complete. These include the usual side quests such as Insurance Fraud, as well as a bunch of new missions. Toxic Waste in particular is really entertaining, because you have to dispose of hazardous waste in a not so legal dumping location. There are many new criminal ventures that you can take on to help build your empire.

  • Growing Your Empire - Saints Row Review
  • There is nothing wrong with taking on a rival gang in your undergarments
  • Sometimes it is tough to have the will to get out of bed! - Saints Row Review
  • Working for Marshall Defence Industries

Taking a look at the presentation of the game, the visual design is quite stunning! The developers have really invested in making this the best looking Saints Row game. This is most noticeable in character creation. All the hair now actually looks like hair! Rather than just the cell shaded domes that sat on the head of the Boss in previous entries. Whilst on the topic of the character creation, it is a little disappointing that the deeper British voice has not returned. Now I can no longer make Jason Statham be the Boss. Oh well, I just went for a Texan Cowboy instead. 


Overall, Saints Row is a stellar entry into the established series. Returning to the more serious narrative stylings that are similar to Saints Row 1 & 2, has been an excellent decision from Deep Silver Volition. There is no doubt that there was a level of risk with focusing on an entirely new cast of characters. However, this has paid off big time and really feels like a fresh entry in the franchise. The excellent narrative, combined with the slick combat and fun traversal makes this game one that is definitely worth picking up. 

By Samuel Incze – Reviewed on PC


Deep Silver Volition took a bold step in setting Saints Row around a whole new crew, and it absolutely paid off. Featuring a cast of interesting and entertaining characters, this narrative reverts back to the more serious nature of Saints Row 1 & 2. Add to this some really slick combat and driving mechanics, as well as a world filled to the brim with fun side quests and areas to explore, and you have an absolutely stellar entry into the Saints Row series!

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2 thoughts on “Saints Row Review – A RETURN TO FORMULA

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  • Combat is slicker than ever !? What sort of drugs are you on ? It’s the worst combat experience create in a decade. The gun combat is smooth !? Smooth !? It’s the last word we can use to describe this aberration. It’s clunky, boring, repetitive that would have been bad for a good damn PS1 game !
    All the missions are the same. The story is boring as f*ck. The map is empty and boring. A stellar entry ? The thing managed to be below the first two games in every way except graphics. And even then, the game is absolutely ugly for a 2022 AAA. 2000 called, they want their gameplay back and 2010 called, they want their graphics back.
    The game seems unfinished and rushed. It would have been somewhat good if it was a 2010 game but sadly we are in 2022.
    Saints Row was a funny game with interesting characters, a good story, fun guns and good customisation.
    Saints Row 2022 is a boring game with uninteresting characters, a boring story, an atrocious gunplay and good customisation.
    And the AI… The Fallout 3 companions are smarter than any AI of this mess of a game. And we are talking about companions that run into minefields, and try to punch people that have a nuclear rocket launcher…
    And in nearly every good damn mission, there is a sequence where you are stuck in place and you have to shoot waves of ennemis like if you were the f*cking sentry turrets from Aliens. But at least, those turrets had interesting badass targets, you, you only get braindead ennemis.
    This game is a 09/20 max.


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