Cult of the Lamb Review – AN INSTANT CULT CLASSIC?

Cult of the Lamb is definitely one of the stranger video games that I have ever reviewed… Controlling a lamb twisted by a mysterious being, simply known as The One Who Waits, you are tasked with starting and growing your own cult. By feeding and preaching to your many followers, your lamb will grow stronger, giving you the power to exact vengeance on the deities that caused your untimely demise.

This wacky premise is really funny and very entertaining throughout. There are so many interesting characters to encounter along your journey, with some of them being downright hilarious! There is a surprisingly large amount of lore to discover here as well, being scattered throughout the various dungeons you can explore, along with other areas that are revealed on the map throughout the course of your journey.

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Cult of the Lamb is a unique mix of the roguelike and base building genres. Featuring some simple combat mechanics, this title is really slick to play! The variety of weapons and special attacks, known as curses, help to make each dungeon attempt a little different. The dodge-roll in particular feels very refined. Being able to dodge through attacks, both melee and ranged, allows you those brief moments that you will desperately need to get out of a sticky situation.

Each dungeon has their own distinct enemy types, so taking the time to learn their attack patterns is extremely important! Especially on those harder difficulties! Having different difficulty levels, which is not particularly common for roguelikes, was an excellent design choice here, as it ensures that the game is accessible to all skill levels.

Indoctrinating Your FOLLOWERS in Cult of the Lamb

Upon your resurrection, you get sent down to a small island to begin recruiting followers. And don’t worry, you do get to name your own cult. Just please pick something more creative than I did… Anyway, as you lead your flock, you must ensure that they are fed and cared for, which sometimes even means cleaning up after them. Or else they can become dissenters and negatively affect others as they attempt to desert you.

Cult of the Lamb Review - After defeating a dungeon, you can re-enter it for new challenges and bosses!
After defeating a dungeon, you can re-enter it for new challenges and bosses!

Successfully clearing dungeons and killing heretics helps build faith toward you and your teachings. But let’s not forget about one important factor of leading your own flock… having your own doctrine. Cult of the Lamb gives you the option to select your very own doctrine to exercise on your followers. Through these choices, you create the direction for your believers, but heed this warning, not all decisions are good for the flock.

  • Cult of the Lamb - Meeting The One Who Waits
  • Cult of the Lamb - Preaching a sermon
  • Cult of the Lamb - Fishing mini-game

One big highlight in Cult of the Lamb is the art style. The very cartoony visuals suit the 2.5D game design perfectly. And it looks absolutely stunning. The diverse colour schemes of the different dungeons really aids the eerie atmosphere of the game. The spooky music in these sections also enhances that creepy feeling. However, this is contrasted by the relaxed and light-hearted electronic tracks that are used when you are working in your cult village. This really provokes that sense of reprieve from taking on these dangerous deities. 


Cult of the Lamb is one of those titles that never ceases to impress. The hilarious narrative and entertaining gameplay manages to keep things interesting for the entirety of the game. With so much to discover and extra challenges available even after beating each dungeon, Cult of the Lamb is definitely a title that belongs on your shelf or in this case, your digital game library. 

By Samuel Incze – Reviewed on PC

Must Have

Cult of the Lamb is a rare gem that combines a roguelike experience with base building mechanics. This wacky narrative will have you in stitches time and time again, whilst you enjoy adventuring through these beautiful 2.5D landscapes. Managing your own cult is as crazy as it sounds and is very entertaining! This is definitely one to add to your game collection.

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