Two Point Campus Review – YOU ARE IN CONTROL!

Two Point Campus is the second building sim created by Two Point Studios. In 2018 Two Point Hospital graced our screens and was critically well received. Now we finally have another release with a bit more of a twist. Two Point Campus is a lot like its predecessor, it’s a game where players try to build the best University Campus they can, eventually working their way to a three-star University. Now as is common with these types of games there really isn’t much of a story. Sure it sets the scene and gives you the tools you need to be successful. But then lets you build your University how you want it.

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What’s amazing about Two Point Campus is that as you level up you get to try your hand at building different types of universities. Such as Culinary school or Knight School. All the way up until you get to the prestigious school for witches and wizards….. And no I’m not talking about Hogwarts.

So What’s The Deal in Two Point Campus?

Now the gameplay for Two Point Campus is relatively straightforward. Start by building classrooms and lecture theatres then employ teachers to teach those classes. Where things start to get a bit complicated is in the quality of life.

You have to make sure you have enough dormitories, bathrooms, showers, staff rooms, and other facilities to make sure the happiness of the staff and students does not fall. On top of that, there are ways to add some revenue to your campus by placing stalls and vendors wherever you like. But beware as each stall needs an assistant, which means more wages.

Two Point Campus Medieval
Let’s go for something a little more medieval… CHAARRGE!!!

There is a lot to keep an eye on apart from just building rooms. Janitors need to be employed for maintenance and cleaning. Courses can be upgraded for better results and better teachers can be employed. Random decorations can be bought and placed not only to increase happiness or a room’s prestige level but also to create friendships and relationships.

Then once you have completed all your objectives and built a 3-star University you get choices. You can either stay and continue to build the best University in the area or… You can move on to a brand new challenge like Building a culinary school.

Two Point Campus Building
Where to place these objects? Hmmm…

A Clean World Design

The design for Two Point Campus looks awesome. Even the menus work incredibly well and are very intuitive. Meaning even though there is a bit to think about it can be a relatively easy game. Obviously, the difficulty can change if you are looking for some serious challenges. However, it can also be a relaxing experience while you take your time with the University you have built with care. Oh and some of those soundtracks are just downright funky. Not to mention the voice on the PA system has some pretty good one-liners.

Two Point Campus
What’s cooking, good-looking?


Even if this game isn’t your cup of tea. The game style can be for acquired tastes however I found myself getting lost in building my university countless times. The freedom to do what you want, the variety of different types of schools, and the complexity that comes along with all of it lead to a very entertaining game.

By Dillon Van Der Putten – Reviewed on PC


Two Point Campus gives off the exact same vibe as Two Point Hospital (surprising right?). With some great comments on the PA system and several different universities to build. There is fun to be had all around. Plus we all want to build our very own Hogwarts right?

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