Are you one of those people that loves a solid space shooter? With tight flight controls, a customisable ship, and special powers that gives you that little edge over your enemies? If so, then look no further. Chorus does a great job in almost all these areas, including a linear story to follow all the while destroying your enemies.

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A Dissappointingly Generic Story

Chorus begins with a little background. You play as Nara, who just so happens to be the ex-right-hand woman to The Great Prophet. Nara is… Let’s say, gifted. She has special powers that allow her to wipe out not only massive ships and waves of enemies but entire planets as well. As she demonstrates this great power, Nara is stricken with guilt and grief at the devastation she caused and decides to leave The Circle, an evil cult, and go into hiding. However, as with most things, she can’t run away from her problems.

The only character that is a little fleshed out is Nara, and that’s only because of the exposition dump you get at the start.

When the circle does suddenly turn up, Nara is forced to fight the very cult she was once a part of. Although, she won’t be fighting alone. As she enlists the help of an old friend, a sentient ship by the name of ‘Forsaken’. Now she must find a way to get her powers back to take down The Circle and stop them before they destroy everything.

Where are those damn Power Cells?

This story is pretty good. However, it can feel incredibly rushed in parts. There are a few times where there is no explanation for something happening, it just… happens. The only character that is a little fleshed out is Nara, and that’s only because of the exposition dump you get at the start. It’s not going to win any awards for its writing, but it does do just enough to be kinda interesting.

Tight & Crisp Gameplay

The gameplay is where Chorus shines. Everything feels incredibly tight with some great flow to allow for some impressive maneuvering at high speeds. From races to dog fights, steering your way through obstacles is a lot of fun. It also allows you to be able to track your enemies and stay behind them relatively easily.

Better not hit one of these asteroids.

Don’t get me wrong, this is still a space shooter, so there will be a lot of trying to follow enemies only to do a loop that makes you dizzy. But with the ability to slow down and speed up quickly, as well as the drifting ability, this all allows you to turn quickly and efficiently. Not to mention some incredible moves that I managed to screw up wildly.

I have not played a space shooter that has controls this tight or abilities as awesome as Nara’s.

When you pair these tight controls with Nara’s superhuman powers it adds an all-new aspect to the gameplay. Yes, Nara’s first ability is relatively simple in it just being a radar. However, the abilities Nara gains after that are immensely helpful. Like the ability to instantly teleport behind an enemy in your sight. This allows you to immediately get out of their firing range and put them into your firing range. I love it SO much! All in all, I have not played a space shooter that has controls this tight or abilities as awesome as Nara’s.

The Beautiful & Gorgeous Scenery

The world (or universe) of Chorus looks amazing. From the gorgeous clips to the vast areas to explore, it all looks stunning. Not to mention your ship and all the upgrades you can do to kit it out and make it look awesome.

What. A. View.

Because of how good the universe looks and the different elements on the map, it really drives you to explore the corners of each area and seek out what it has to offer. Coupling this with some decent music and sound effects just add up to an immersive universe that captivates the player even with a slightly disappointing story.


Chorus is a game for those that love space shooters. So for those people who live for tight controls, superhuman powers and a gorgeous world (or universe) to explore, I highly suggest trying it out. However, if you depend on an incredible narrative to drive you forward, then maybe try it out but don’t expect anything grand. It does a great job at moving the story forward, although it can just come across as a little corny and generic.

By Dillon Van Der Putten


Chorus is an exceptional space shooter, especially when it comes to the gameplay. It has such tight controls it’s ridiculous. Once you add in the superhuman powers and an incredible universe to explore, then there is even more fun to be had here. The one problem however, is the narrative. Even though it’s a lot of fun to play, there just isn’t enough story content to drive you on, leaving the player feeling empty well before the credits roll.

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