Scarlet Nexus Review – A DEEP DIVE INTO THE MIND!

Scarlet Nexus puts you in control of either Yuito or Kasane as you fight back the enemies simply known as the Others as part of a military faction known as the OSF. The OSF, that is, the Other Suppression Force was created as a means to protect the city of New Himuka. This is where the narrative begins to take shape and it is simply brilliant! It constantly makes you ask the question “what is actually going on here?”

There is so much to uncover in this story, with much of it shrouded in mystery. It is hard to know who to believe and to know what is the truth. There is so much to learn about the others, about OSF, and about New Himuka, and everything, and I mean everything, is most definitely not as it seems. 

The writing can feel a little on the nose at times, with a bit of exposition dumping happening on occasion during the cutscenes, but it is more than made up for with the strange and unique direction of the plot. Each character provides new insight to the developing situation, with many opposing ideals and morals! This just helps to make this story more fascinating and intriguing! It really feels fresh and unpredictable.

The narrative is shrouded in mystery, and as it slowly starts to unfold, it becomes more and more fascinating!

Scarlet Nexus’ Fascinating Combat Mechanics!

Combat in Scarlet Nexus is phenomenal. It feels absolutely immaculate and fluid. From switching between melee attacks and psychokinesis to using various allies’ powers for devastating damage is so smooth and slick. This leads to some quick paced, action heavy combat that is really enticing and addictive! The combat truly does feel as good as it looks. It’s almost as if it has come straight out of some sort of anime! Which there is an actual anime coming out soon, with the first episode releasing on the 1st of July! 

This game is split into chapters, called phases, with interludes, known as standby phases, acting as breaks throughout main story. In the standby phase you can strengthen bonds between your teammates. Building these bonds are essential, not only to learn more about the world of Scarlet Nexus, but to unlock some bigger and better powers that you can borrow in battle.

This leads to some quick paced, action heavy combat that is really enticing and addictive!

The types of powers available are dependent on the characters that are in your party. Each character has a really distinct power that can be used for full advantage in combat and traversal of the environment. From pyrokinesis, to teleportation, to Clairvoyance, each of these powers will be a massive benefit to you as you fight through the increasingly difficult enemies that you encounter in this world. 

Scarlet Nexus’ Unique Environments

Scarlet Nexus has some beautiful set pieces to explore with each place providing an interesting backdrop to the development of the story. The various areas feel unique, with different environmental factors that can be used to punish your enemies! That includes throwing cars and even sending a train hurling forward into a group of others. With your Psychokinesis, the environment becomes your ally, and you can combine it with a mix of other attacks to get the upper hand on your foes. 

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When you boot up Scarlet Nexus, one of the first things you will undoubtedly notice is the music! It is absolutely incredible. Featuring a wide range of styles, from a slow haunting piano and strings, to a fast paced mix of rock fusion and EDM. The music is unrelenting, and provides the perfect atmosphere for the game. And when you get into battle, the music is right there with you! It really helps to make you feel the full intensity of each fight, especially with some of the more powerful foes that you may encounter.


Scarlet Nexus is certainly a JRPG that you should play! With a compelling story and addictive gameplay, Scarlet Nexus will have you hooked for hours on end. The combat alone is a massive selling point! Add to this a brilliant, adrenaline fueled soundtrack, and you have the makings of a game that is definitely worth picking up!

By Samuel Incze


Scarlet Nexus is a promising JRPG with a complex story that will constantly keep you on edge! The adrenaline fuelled combat mechanics and hard-hitting soundtrack will leave you in awe, time and time again! This game is definitely one that will keep you hooked for hours on end!

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