Madden 20 Review

There isn’t much to say about Madden NFL 20, except that it is pretty much the same as the previous game with a revamped Face of The Franchise mode. 

I personally think one of the best things about Madden NFL is that it tends to be rather simplistic in its approach however they don’t always hit on every mark. Going from the QB making an easy pass to a WR and the easy transition to be able to play as both players works really well. The control scheme is pretty simple, however I have heard that playing online really does seperate those who are really good at the game and those who aren’t. I have heard that the hit stick can be a little ridiculous in that it can cause more fumbles than it really should, however I haven’t really found this to be true. I tend turn the ball over when I start to make stupid decisions like trying to squeeze a pass to player who is covered, or accidentally setting up one of my players to get clobbered. I will say that the X Factor system seems to have basically no impact on the game though, where badges have too much influence in NBA 2K20, this has not enough influence. The only other general thing I will say before I get to the Career mode is that especially in the Face of The Franchise mode, the graphics are relatively simple and definitely not up to the standard that they could be, I mean NBA Live looks better than this in some cases. 

Now onto the Career mode. Firstly I want to point something out that I love about Madden. I love that you have an Owner mode. For those who don’t know, this basically allows you to take control of almost everything within a club. From hiring and sacking all your staff and players, to rebuilding your stadium, to relocating, to setting prices on items and tickets and food, it’s fantastic. It’s actually a little similar to the General Manager mode in NBA 2K, however you don’t get given tasks that you have to complete. Instead you have rankings in each area, Staff, Stadium, Players etc, and of course you want to be the best club in the league so you have to start making changes, and listening to your fans to keep them happy as well. I would honestly love to see more modes like this in other Sports games to add just a slightly different aspect to the game.

As for Face of The Franchise, it is this year’s version of their storyline career mode. Where you play as a player who has gone through 4 years of College Football and never taken a snap as the QB, however suddenly your thrust into the spotlight as you have to play in the Semi Finals and you try and get your team to the national championship game. Win or lose you then talk to a couple clubs who are thinking they might draft you late. Eventually on Draft night, you find yourself eventually getting drafted into a team and now you have to prove yourself as it follows your rookie season as you try to make the superbowl as a rookie QB. Now as I have said before the graphics, especially in this mode, are quite subpar for everything apart from gameplay. The dialogue isn’t that bad but could still use some work, however the one part that I do really like is them being able to get the show Good Morning Football into your story. This is an actual television show specifically for the NFL to bring everybody the latest news on football. So the fact that they were able to get them to be able to discuss you on the show is a great idea. They try and use it to try and add a sense of reality to the game. The only thing I would say though is that they need to try and integrate it a little better. Because it felt like a good addition but it just felt thrown in to add the sense of realism. You need to focus on everything for realism, the graphics, the story, the dialogue and the additions all need to be there for the realism to really hit.

All in all it wasn’t that bad of a gamel, yes there is things in it that could be improved upon, but nevertheless it is still a good game, and for people who enjoy their football I would still recommend it. 

Review by Dillon Vander Putten


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