Hellish Quart Early Access Review – A TRUE DUELING SIM!

Developed by Kubold, Hellish Quart attempts to give players a look into what realistic sword combat is like. Focusing on a fencing approach in the gameplay, opponents exchange blows in an attempt to score points to win. Unlike many modern fighting games, this title is not a simple button masher, but instead a very tactical, almost simulator-like, which requires patience and precision to win. 

It is important to note that Hellish Quart is still in early access, so there are a lot of components still missing! However, the core mechanics look and feel great and really deliver an authentic sword fighting experience. Each clash of the swords looks stunning, with sparks even flying off each sharp edge. This really creates a sense of intensity. 


Whilst it may look like a standard fighting game on the surface, this title is anything but! Characters may move around the battlefield in a similar fashion to the likes of Tekken, with certain button inputs corresponding with certain types of attacks, the main point of difference is the character reactions. The way in which combatant’s weapons collide with their opponent can alter not only the position of the combatant but how they will attack next. This use of ragdoll physics really creates a heavy combat system that requires extra concentration and planning. Even though this means that the gameplay can be quite complex, it is still an absolute joy to play.

The game does occasionally have its flaws, for example, with the combat, failing to register a hit that has landed on an opponent, or an opponent still striking the player after they have been struck, leaving the round as a tie instead of being a point to the player. However, these issues are few and far between and do not really take away from the overall experience.

Hellish Quart Early Access Review - Sword combat featuring clashing of swords!
Sparks flying off the swords after they clash! It really looks awesome!


The current character roster is quite small! However, it is constantly being expanded upon as can be seen in the fighter select screen itself. The current roster in Hellish Quart does have a very diverse range of combatants, all armed with their own unique sword. Whether you prefer to keep your enemies a distance with Isabella or get right up close with Gideon, each character really has their own way to punish the opposition. 

As for the narrative, Kubold have advised that Chapter 1 of the story is currently in development, and have instead offered a quick sneak peek into what the story could entail in the very near future! So we will be holding out to see what more this title has in store in the coming months!

The presentation in Hellish Quart is absolutely fantastic! Whilst it may not be the most pristine in the graphics department, it is made up for in the intricate design of each character and environment. Each fighter looks great, and the unique animations of each attack really does help to keep us addicted for hours!

Hellish Quart Early Access Review - The player being defeated because of incorrect guarding technique
If you’re not careful, an attack might just pass through your guard!


Hellish Quart is definitely worth picking up! Especially for the current price tag! Whilst it is still in early access, the amount of support and constant improvements that are being made are astonishing! This title is perfect for a couple of quick rounds against your friends, or to slug it out in the survival mode. We are sure that there is so much more to come in Hellish Quart and are excited to see what the devs have in store!

Reviewed by Samuel Incze

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