LEGO Harry Potter Collection Review – Lego, but for Muggles!

If you loved the movies, honestly, it will be hard not to find this game at least a little entertaining. You get the charming LEGO video games style ‘mostly’ following along all 8 movies. Not to mention the classic comedy from almost all LEGO games.

To kick this off, there are a few things in this game that a lot of people would expect. Things like the classic LEGO comedy in order to lighten the mood of scary/sad parts. Especially in the part when Cedric Diggory dies. The bosses, as everyone would expect are very basic and simple in its execution. It’s usually just, dodge this and throw that. However most people don’t play these games for the gameplay. We play it for the love of LEGO and the ability to see the charming LEGO characters in one of our favourite stories. Not to mention the puzzles are basically the same as every other LEGO game. Having to put together Lego blocks to find your way through areas.

Trying to find the right room with all the changing staircases.

In saying all of this though, there are a few surprising aspects of the game that are quite enjoyable. For example, the duelling system in years 5-7, are incredibly interesting and work pretty well. You circle around your opponent and have to match the spell they are about to use, or use a shield to stop them from hitting you with the spell. Some people may be a little upset that it really isn’t that difficult to win a duel. However honestly if you’re looking for fantastic gameplay in a LEGO game, you’re looking in the wrong place. Another surprising aspect to the game is the collectables. Now it’s not surprising that the game has collectables, but what is surprising is the amount of collectables there are. Almost all over Hogwarts are little puzzles and things for you to complete.

The two Main areas with lots to complete.

Now let’s be honest here, this is a great game, and probably the game to play, for any Harry Potter fan. (until the open world RPG Harry Potter game rumoured for 2021). It does a great job following the movies very closely, and the level of detail around Hogwarts is just marvellous. Not to mention the amount of characters there are and the different forms of particular characters rivals almost any other LEGO game out there. Any Harry Potter fan would love just working their way through each mission and seeing the similarities between the missions and the movies.

However, what about someone who is not a fan of Harry Potter? Well, for people who don’t really care for Harry Potter, they may find it a little tedious and question why some parts of the game are in there. In saying this though, you could say this about almost every LEGO game. Would people who aren’t fans of Star Wars play Lego Star Wars………. Not likely. Because the main pull is to see the charming LEGO animations in their beloved universe.

Time for some fun on a broom.

This game is not just an average LEGO game where they add a few bells and whistles to attract fans. They have really delved deep into the Harry Potter universe to give you everything. Like Hagrid’s Giant brother and the scene where Fred and George leave Hogwarts. Almost every important scene is captured, in their own charming and quirky way. Not to mention the music is fantastic and is just the cherry on top.

Honestly the game is brilliant and any Harry Potter fan should at the very least give this a go. Even if you’re not there are enough LEGO style games, puzzles and collectables to entertain any fan of LEGO games. Seriously, there is a lot.

Review by Dillon Van Der Putten


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