LEGO 2K Drive was a big surprise that I really did not expect! This is especially because the LEGO franchise has been absent from the racing genre since the early 2000s. Admittedly, there weren’t too many racing games to begin with, which always seemed like a missed opportunity. Enter 2K… Coming in with big promises of a new title that will truly make you feel like you are building and racing the fastest LEGO vehicles! But did they manage to pull it off?

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LEGO 2K Drive is hilarious! Very hilarious!

Firstly, we have to talk about the hilarious narrative that has been presented in LEGO 2K Drive. In typical LEGO game fashion, this title does not miss a beat with its jokes and visual comedy. I mean, the fact that the game starts with two news anchors explaining the game with one of them being called Parker Carr says it all. The story itself is a classic tale of good vs evil, as you take on the game’s “obvious bad guy” Shadow Z and aim to win the ultimate prize, the Sky Cup. Not only does all of the title’s witty humour land really well, but due to how self-aware 2K Drive is, it just adds that extra layer of silliness. The humour is the driving force of this silly story, and that is all it needs to be… Funny and Nonsensical! 

The humour is the driving force of this silly story…

LEGO 2K Drive’s fun arcade-y racing

The gameplay in LEGO 2K Drive is absolutely top notch! The developers have definitely been doing their homework! Because this is one of the best feeling racing games that I have played in a while! The controls are really tight, making drifting around tight corners feel great! Like many other arcade racers, there are offensive and defensive power ups to use to help you get that coveted first place trophy. And you are going to need every item you can get…

The driving mechanics in LEGO 2K Drive feel really smooth!
The driving mechanics in LEGO 2K Drive feel really smooth!

There are plenty of challenging races, especially later in the game. So, you will still have to master these simple controls to be able to cross that finish line in first place. And honestly, this game does a really good job of making each race tense. You never truly feel like you are so far ahead of the pack. I was never able to fully lap my opponents, which I reckon is a good thing. This way the pressure is always on and prevents the races from becoming dull. 

However, you don’t only race around in LEGO 2K Drive! There are plenty of other side activities to accomplish. From straight up demolishing LEGO structures, to rounding up pesky pigs and even attempting to jump over a bunch of barns within a certain time limit, there is so much to do in this tightly packed world. There is also quite a bit of variety to these various activities, so you won’t feel like you are just rinsing and repeating the same activities with different skins!

LEGO 2K Drive’s visuals are also absolutely stunning!

The breath taking visuals in LEGO 2K Drive!

LEGO 2K Drive’s visuals are also absolutely stunning! Each area that you explore looks quite unique and full of life. And pretty much every part of the map is driveable! With a cool transformation mechanic, your vehicle can change on the fly to be able to drive on any terrain, or even sail along the seas! And these transitions are seamless. As you drive into the water, your car quickly changes into some sort of watercraft, as if it were out of a 007 film! There is also a decent variety of vehicles to unlock, so you won’t feel as though you are just stuck with what you’ve got. But if you are still looking for more, well… you can even build your own vehicle from scratch!

It was so cool to spend time in the garage coming up with all sorts of vehicle design and then taking them out for a spin on the open road. But I must warn you, building your own vehicle takes a lot of time and effort to get right. So if patience isn’t your game, maybe stick to the prebuilt vehicles. After all, they are also fully customisable!

There is a decent variety of hilarious side activities available here!
There is a decent variety of hilarious side activities available here!

2K’s Microtransaction Mania…

And here is where we get to LEGO 2K Drive’s biggest issue… The microtransactions. Now I am aware that this has become the norm in many games at this point, and I am not necessarily against them all together. However, 2K seems to have a knack for blatantly abusing the microtransaction system. If it was just cosmetic items that could be bought through the store, I probably wouldn’t have had such an issue with this, but it is not just limited to aesthetics.

The only way to buy new vehicles is through the in-game currency, and because accruing it takes quite a while to get the higher tier cars and boats, these microtransactions are promoted as the easy way out of putting in the time. And whilst yes, you can just ignore it, it does make the game feel a little cheap… Though I will say this, it still isn’t as shameless as the microtransactions in WWE 2K Battlegrounds!

  • LEGO 2K Drive has a really self-aware sense of humour...
  • Water won't stop you from winning a race in LEGO 2K Drive!
  • Building a car from scratch takes patience and skill... of which I have none!
  • Traversing the open world is great as nowhere is off limits...
  • Each car comes with an instruction manual so that you can rebuild it if you wish


Overall, LEGO 2K Drive is a fun and entertaining arcade racing title! The variety in the types of races and other activities help keep things fresh. Each area feels unique and the story is downright hilarious. So, do yourself a favour and go pick up LEGO 2K Drive, you won’t be disappointed. Just don’t give in to 2K’s microtransaction mania… 

By Samuel InczeReviewed on PC


LEGO 2KDrive is a satisfying and entertaining racing game with really tight driving mechanics! Not only are the races a decent challenge, but you also have access to a sizable open world in which to complete bizarre tasks for locals and other racers, or just to speed around and take in the sights. The story is also absolutely hilarious, especially with how self aware many of the jokes are. Unfortunately, as is very common with 2K titles, LEGO 2KDrive has fallen prey to a copious amount of microtransactions which isn’t limited just to cosmetics. Overall, all these aspects of the game click together nicely like a set LEGO bricks!

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